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Delicious Bessie's Beef N' Noodles

Delicious Bessie's Beef N' Noodles


What does Al Dente mean? Pasta that is cooked to be firm; not overcooked or soft. 
Some say “to the tooth”.

About Our Noodles….

* The Al Dente noodles are the core of our product line and will be the first product distributed at a retail level. The Al Dente noodle is versatile and can be used in casseroles, soups, pasta salads and topped with flavored butters or sauces. This product will be fully cooked and frozen. 

*Al-Dente Noodles- egg noodles perfectly seasoned and cooked al dente. Our core universal product for hot or cold meal solutions.

With Chicken- Thick & Hearty in butter cream sauce and oven roasted pulled chicken breast.

With Beef- Noodles served with a rich and incredibly flavorful brown sauce and slow roasted beef.

With Cabbage- Noodles served with sautéed cabbage in an authentic Slovakian broth. This dish is a family tradition within the Polish, Slovakian and Hungarian cultures. Many recipes add Kielbasa, sausage or bacon for a heartier meal.

* 1 cup egg noodles has approximately 140 calories

* 1 cup egg noodles have approximately 10 grams of fat.